RH Reality Check: Rights Group Calls Obama's Comments on Abortion in Health Reform "Lamentable"

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"The Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) is one group that has openly expressed disappointment in the process and in the President's comments on abortion funding in his speech Wednesday to both Houses of Congress.

Nancy Northup, the president of the Center, called for \'more forthright dialogue and vocal leadership on women’s health needs in the healthcare reform debate, particularly on the issue of access to abortion.\'

But, as Northup underscored, \'Reproductive health, including decisions about whether or not to have children, cut to the core of a woman’s daily reality as well as her well-being. The fact that the President can set out to have a comprehensive discussion of healthcare needs, but end up relegating an essential medical service, only used by women, to an outlier status, is disappointing to say the least.  This was a missed opportunity to re-examine the meaning of access to a full range of choices in healthcare for women.\'

CRR's statement on the speech underscores that abortion is the most common surgical procedure in the United States and one in three women will have one in their lifetimes."

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