Senate Votes Against ‘Skinny Repeal’ Bill and Gutting Women’s Health Care

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(PRESS RELEASE)—Last night, the United States Senate voted against a ‘skinny repeal’ bill that would have rolled back aspects of the Affordable Care Act and defunded Planned Parenthood, decimating women’s health care access and affordability while kicking 15 million off their health care.  

Said Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights:

“Today, we can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing our voices were heard and that the Senate did not rob millions of American women of their access to vital health care. This is a crucial victory, but we know that attacks on women’s health care will continue.”

“Repeated attempts to take health care from millions and deliver a particularly devastating blow to women’s health have not stopped politicians before, and we know it won’t stop them in the future. If Congress wants to improve health care, they should build on the gains made under the Affordable Care Act and focus on improving women’s health care access and outcomes, not erecting barriers to it.”

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) stands as one of the most important legislative advancements for women’s health in decades. Under the ACA, maternity care became an essential health benefit and over 55 million women have gained guaranteed coverage of preventive services without co-pays, including birth control. In 2016, 6.8 million women and girls enrolled in marketplace health plans, many of them using tax credits and subsidies to make the comprehensive coverage affordable.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, following the House’s vote to repeal in May of this year, laid out how the American Health Care Act would harm women and their families in a piece for The Hill.