Lilian Sepúlveda, Vice President, Global Legal Program



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Lilian Sepúlveda became the Director of the Global Legal Program in 2012. She joined the Center in 2002 as a Legal Fellow and had served as Deputy Director since 2010.

Lilian, who is originally from Chile, has spearheaded much of the litigation, advocacy, and legal reform in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region. She directly litigated two landmark cases—Paulina Ramírez v. Mexico and Alyne da Silva v. Brazil—and coordinated overall litigation for the LAC team on other historic victories, including K.L. v. Peru and L.C. v. Peru. She edited Bodies on Trial: Reproductive Rights in Latin American Courts, a key regional publication of the International Legal Program, and authored or co-authored many articles and papers, including "What Role can International Litigation Play in the Promotion and Advancement of Reproductive Rights in Latin America?"

Lilian also has been instrumental in training more than 50 fellowship attorneys and legal interns over the course of her career at the Center. She lectures widely at universities and before policy institutions and has conducted reproductive rights trainings for fellow advocates and health professionals.

Lilian has taught at Rutgers University, from which she graduated with a law degree. Prior to joining the Center, she worked at International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. She's also a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She's fluent in Spanish, proficient in French, and has a working knowledge of Portuguese.

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