Stacy Morrison

Stacy Morrison, Editorial Director

Stacy Morrison is an award-winning media, branding, and messaging executive with more than 20 years’ experience directing national media brands. She is most known for her work at Redbook where, from 2004-2010, she repositioned the magazine to capture the vibrancy and complexity of modern American women’s lives as they decide when, how, and whether to become wives and mothers.

At the Center, Stacy oversees all publications and storytelling, creating relevant and consistent messaging for the Center’s individual cases as well as our overarching body of work, capturing the full scale of our global operations and ambitions.

Before Redbook, Stacy was executive editor at Marie Claire, founding editor in chief of ONE: Design Matters, editor in chief of Modern Bride, managing editor at Condé Nast Sports for Women, founding managing editor at Time Out New York, and features editor at Mirabella. Most recently (2010-2014), she was VP content programming at BlogHer, the first publishing network for women bloggers, where she created and managed large-scale social media campaigns, and spoke frequently at conferences about the power of online influencers.

Since 2014, she has worked as an independent consultant, advising media-related startups—Bevival, WeeSchool, Wanderlust, among others—on go-to-market strategy and content strategy.

Stacy is the author of the best-selling memoir Falling Apart In One Piece: One Optimist’s Journey Through The Hell Of Divorce (Simon & Schuster). She lives in Garrison, NY, with her 15-year-old son, Zack.