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The Lawyers Network brings together leaders in the legal community who uphold the rule of law and defend evidence-based decision making. By building knowledge about reproductive rights issues, engaging new allies, and empowering other reproductive rights advocates, our members work to realize the reproductive freedoms that lie at the heart of the promise of human dignity, self-determination, and equality embodied in the U.S. Constitution.

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Save the Date: November 16, 2017, 6:00pm, Chicago Illinois. Join us for a panel discussion, “Making Connections: Restrictions on Reproductive Rights and the Lack of Health Policies Benefiting Latinas”. Co-sponsored by Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois (HLAI).


Video Available (registration required): Federal Rulemaking on Contraception and Implications for Women’s Health featuring Mara K. Gandal-Powers, Senior Counsel, Center for Reproductive Rights and Madeline Gomez, Legal Fellow, Center for Reproductive Rights as part of the American Bar Association’s Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice Rapid Response Webinar Series October 24, 2017.

Video Available: The Future of Reproductive Rights and the Importance of Bar Engagement featuring Center President & CEO Nancy Northup, Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General of New York State, and Melissa Murray, Alexander F. and May T. Morrison Professor of Law at Berkeley Law moderated by Slate Magazine Senior Editor Dahlia Lithwick. During a conversation at the New York City Bar Association, our speakers reflected on the 2016 Supreme Court decision in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt and the current state of reproductive rights law. Nancy Northup also introduced the Lawyers Network and spoke about the vital role lawyers can play in safeguarding constitutional protections for bodily autonomy and reproductive decision-making (October 2017).

Video Available: Connecting the Dots: The Connection Between State Restrictions on Women’s Rights and Lack of Access to Programs Benefiting Low Income Women and Children featuring Center President and CEO Nancy Northup during the 2017 ABA Annual Meeting (New York, NY).

Article Available: Do states with abortion restrictions protect women's health? Report finds an inverse relationship by Debra Cassens Weiss. This blog post, published by the American Bar Association, highlights Nancy Northup’s remarks during the ABA Annual Meeting on the panel, “Connecting the Dots: The Connection Between State Restrictions on Women’s Rights and Lack of Access to Programs Benefiting Low Income Women and Children.” For more information see “Evaluating Priorities: Measuring Women's and Children’s Health and Well-being against Abortion Restrictions in the States- Volume II” (August 2017).

Article Available: The Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice of Latinas: An Imperative for Latina Leadership by Lourdes Rivera, Senior Vice President of U.S. Programs, Center for Reproductive Rights. This article was published in the Hispanic National Bar Association’s E-Noticias Newsletter June 15, 2017.

Video Available: A Brave New World: Exploring “The State of Latinas” in 2017 moderated by Special Counsel Aracely Muñoz, panelists discuss legislative, legal, and social issues currently faced by Latinas at the 2017 HNBA Corporate Counsel Conference (Miami, FL).