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Persecuted: Political Process and Abortion Legislation in El Salvador: A Human Rights Analysis (Spanish)

A recent constitutional amendment protecting the right to life from conception provides the fuel for this investigative report, which examines how these draconian measures have impacted women's lives in El Salvador…

Women Behind Bars

Excerpted from Women Behind Bars. From an interview on September 25, 1997 in the Chin Chin prison facility in Puerto Montt, Chile. On that date, there were 22 women in prison there for abortion-related offenses...

An Unfulfilled Human Right:Family Planning in Guatemala

This report seeks to demonstrate that the Guatemalan government has fallen woefully short in meeting its international human rights obligations related to the provision of family planning services and information…

Women of the World: Laws and Policies Affecting Their Reproductive Lives East Central Europe

This report sets forth national laws and policies in key areas of reproductive health and women's empowerment in seven East Central European countries: Albania, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Russia.

Tipping the Scales