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Download Report: Whose Choice

How does Hyde affect a woman, the family she is working to take care of, and her community? This is the story that the new report, Whose Choice?

Download "Defending Human Rights"

The Center is proud to present its groundbreaking report, "Defending Human Rights: Abortion Providers Facing Threats, Restrictions, and Harassment."…

Download Report: Forsaken Lives

Criminal bans on abortion are harmful not only to women but also undermine entire health systems. The report, Forsaken Lives: The Harmful Impact of the Philippine Criminal Abortion Ban, documents the experiences of women in the Philippines and sheds light on the role of health service providers who are sometimes guilty of perpetrating abuse as a result of abortion stigma created by the criminal ban and conflicting personal values…

Reproductive Rights are Human Rights 2009

Women's reproductive rights are essential to realizing a wide range of fundamental human rights…

In Harm's Way: Download the Report

Unsafe abortion claims the lives of thousands of Kenyan women each year. Their deaths are entirely - and easily - preventable. Yet the Kenyan government has done little to address the problem…

In Harm’s Way: Conclusions in Brief

As this report demonstrates, when access to safe and legal abortion is limited, women resort to unsafe abortion, with devastating consequences for their health, lives, and families…

In Harm's Way: The Impact of Kenya's Restrictive Abortion Law

Recommendations to the Government of Kenya

To the Executive Branch

In Harm's Way: Grace's Story

In Harm's Way: The Impact of Kenya's Restrictive Abortion Law

In Harm's Way: Rosemary's Story

In Harm’s Way: The Impact of Kenya’s Restrictive Abortion Law

In Harm’s Way: Executive Summary

"I have seen so much misery at the Kenyatta National Hospital . . . where women with abortion-related problems have died and others lost uteruses.