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Legal Grounds: Reproductive and Sexual Rights in African Commonwealth Courts

Reproductive and sexual rights, which are guaranteed in international and regional human rights treaties, mean nothing if they are not recognized and enforced by national-level courts.

Paulina: Five Years Later (Spanish)

In 1999, 13-year-old Paulina Ramírez became pregnant after she was raped by an intruder in her home in Mexicali, Mexico. Soon after discovering that she was pregnant, Paulina sought an abortion…

Law 101: An Introduction to Domestic and International Legal Terms

This glossary and reproductive rights backgrounder is the perfect resource guide for those interested in reproductive freedom but not familiar with complex legal terms. The U.S.

Breaking Through: A Guide to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

The coming together of the international community in Cairo in 1994 at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) signalled a radical change in the approach to population issues…

Women of the World: Laws and Policies Affecting their Reproductive Lives South Asia

The Center for Reproductive Rights’ report, Women of the World: Laws and Policies Affecting their Reproductive Lives - South Asia, is the first extensive examination of laws and policies that influence women’s reproductive

Emergency Contraception (EC): An Affirmative Agenda to Improve Access, July 2003 (PDF)

Legislative advocacy packet on EC topics containing background information, factsheets, talking points, model legislation, statutes and strategy guidelines. Click below for individual chapters.

Bodies on Trial: Reproductive Rights in Latin American Courts

The judicial branch of government is essential to the viability and sustainability of any democracy. Judges make decisions every day that directly affect people's lives, influencing public perceptions of whether and how justice is being carried out…

Roe v. Wade and the Right to Privacy

Roe v. Wade remains a touchstone in the struggle for reproductive rights, yet many people know little about the decision aside from the fact that it "legalized abortion." For those who wish to understand the basis for the decision, the influence it has had on U.S.

Body and Soul: Forced Sterilization and Other Assaults on Roma Reproductive Freedom

Romani women in Slovakia continue to be subject to grave violations of their human rights, particularly their reproductive rights, even though a communist-era law offering monetary incentives for sterilization has been rescinded…