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Bodies on Trial: Reproductive Rights in Latin American Courts

The judicial branch of government is essential to the viability and sustainability of any democracy. Judges make decisions every day that directly affect people's lives, influencing public perceptions of whether and how justice is being carried out…

Reproductive Rights are Human Rights

The legal foundations for women's reproductive rights are built upon a variety of human rights recognized under international law.

Reproductive Rights 2000 Moving Forward

"With the new millennium upon us, we should take this opportunity to consider how recent positive developments can be replicated elsewhere to shape a future in which reproductive rights are recognized worldwide as basic human rights.

Roe v. Wade and the Right to Privacy

Roe v. Wade remains a touchstone in the struggle for reproductive rights, yet many people know little about the decision aside from the fact that it "legalized abortion." For those who wish to understand the basis for the decision, the influence it has had on U.S.

Body and Soul: Forced Sterilization and Other Assaults on Roma Reproductive Freedom

Romani women in Slovakia continue to be subject to grave violations of their human rights, particularly their reproductive rights, even though a communist-era law offering monetary incentives for sterilization has been rescinded…

From Rights to Reality: How to Advocate for Women's Reproductive Freedom Worldwide (PDF), 2003

This handbook provides tools and strategies that anyone can use to advocate for the reproductive rights of women and girls everywhere.

State of Denial: Adolescent Reproductive Rights in Zimbabwe

State of Denial: Adolescent Reproductive Rights in Zimbabwe documents the human rights violations that occur in Zimbabwe when legal, policy and social barriers inhibit adolescents' ability to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy and STIs, including HIV/AIDS…

Persecuted: Political Process and Abortion Legislation in El Salvador: A Human Rights Analysis

A recent constitutional amendment protecting the right to life from conception provides the fuel for this investigative report, which examines how these draconian measures have impacted women's lives in El Salvador.