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Press Releases / Statements:

3.23.10 - As White House Cuts Healthcare Deal Sanctioning Unjust Abortion Funding Ban, FDA Fails to Take Action One Year after Court Decision on Emergency Contraception

3.21.10 - White House Betrays Women with Abortion Restriction Deal, says Center for Reproductive Rights

3.20.10 - Specter of Executive Order on Abortion Raises Alarm Bells, Center Calls on Obama White House and House Leadership Not to Weaken Reproductive Rights

3.9.10 - Representative Stupak Points Fingers, but Blame for Injecting Abortion Rests Squarely on his Shoulders

2.2.10 - Center Calls on Congress to Stop Talking "Status Quo" around Public Funding for Abortion and Protect Women's Health

1.22.10 - Center Urges Elected Officials to Protect Access to Abortion on Roe Anniversary

12.24.09 - Center Strongly Urges Conference Committee to Protect Women’s Abortion Coverage

12.19.09 - Healthcare Reform Manager's Amendment Gets it Sadly Wrong on Abortion Coverage

12.18.09 - Senate Leadership Should Stand Strong for Women In Negotiations to Move Forward on Healthcare Reform Bill

12.8.09 - Senate Defeats Anti-Abortion Amendment in Historic Health Care Reform Debate

12.7.09 - Anti-Abortion Amendment Introduced in Senate Health Overhaul Debate, Center for Reproductive Rights Calls on Senators to Defeat It

11.23.09 - Historic Vote in Senate to Open Debate on Health Reform Bill Protects Women’s Healthcare Coverage

11.19.09 - In Major Step Forward Towards Passage, Senate Reform Bill Protects Healthcare Coverage for Women

11.16.09 - Center Launches First Abortion Ad in Anticipation of Historic Senate Health Care Reform Vote

11.16.09 - Statement of D.J. Feldman on Harmful Impact of Abortion Coverage Restrictions

11.16.09 - Statement of Nancy Northup, President, Center for Reproductive Rights at No Abortion Ban Campaign Launch

11.9.09 - Center for Reproductive Rights Statement on House Healthcare Reform Vote

11.9.09 - Center for Reproductive Rights Statement on Pitts/Stupak Anti-Abortion Amendment

11.4.09 - Center for Reproductive Rights Calls on House Leadership to Stand Firm against Anti-Abortion Demands

9.30.09 - Center Applauds Senate Committee for Rejecting Anti-Abortion Amendments, Calls for No Political Games on Senate Floor

9.21.09 - Amendments to Baucus Health Bill Unfairly Limit Abortion Coverage

9.12.09 - Center for Reproductive Rights Calls on Senators to Hold the Line on Abortion Funding As Gang of Six Huddles This Weekend

9.10.09 - President Obama Regrettably Closes Door on Conversation about Abortion Access in Healthcare Debate


Center in the News:

3.23.10 - U.S. News and World Report: "Health Reform: Where Women Stand to Gain"

3.22.10 - Associated Press: "Abortion compromise doesn\'t satisfy critics"

3.22.10 - Politico: "Doyle key to Stupak-W.H. deal"

3.22.10 - Chicago Tribune Blog: "Healthcare: Half approve or want more"

3.22.10 - Feminsting - "President Obama agrees to sign anti-choice executive order"

3.22.10 - Daily Press: "Congress passes health care bill"

3.21.10 - New York Times "Live Blogging the House Vote"

3.21.10 - Democratic Daily: "Racing To The Healthcare Reform Finish Line, Both Sides Scramble"

3.5.10 -Washington Post: "Democratic leaders working to win over abortion opponents for health-care reform"

1.19.10 -"Not My Tax Dollars" Campaign Hits the Blogosphere

12.25.10 - McClatchy Washington Bureau: "Applause, anger greet passage of Senate health care bill"

12.24.09 - McClatchy Washington Bureau: "Reactions show divisions remain after Senate health care vote"

12.21.09 - RH Reality Check: "Pro-Choice Groups Will Not Back Passage of Senate Bill With Nelson Language"

12.20.09 - NY Daily News: "Where's Gillibrand on Health Care Reform?"

12.20.09 - RH Reality Check: "The Nelson "Compromise:" What It Will Cost Us"

12.19.09 - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room: "Pro-Choice Caucus leaders have 'serious reservations\' on abortion compromise"

12.16.09 - The Hill's Congress Blog: "Access to abortion already imperiled for those who need it most"

12.9.09 - Talking Points Memo: "Abortion Rights Groups Hail Nelson Amendment Vote, See Boost In Fight Against Stupak"

12.8.09 - Detroit Free Press: "Senate could consider health bill's abortion amendment today"

12.7.09 - ABC News: "Abortion Vote Divides Democrats on Health Care"

12.7.09 - American Constitution Society: "Health Care Reform in the Hyde Amendment's Shadow"

12.7.09 - Salon: "Stupak's spitting image"

12.7.09 - Salt Lake Tribune: "Hatch files abortion amendment to Senate health reform bill" 

12.2.09 - National Journal: "Will Abortion Language Cost Cloture For Democrats?"

12.1.09 - Washington Post: "A woman who had little choice enlightens health-care debate"

12.1.09 - The Guardian: "Hijacking healthcare reform"

11.30.09 - The Hill: "Abortion resurfaces as hot topic on Capitol Hill"

11.30.09 - RH Reality Check: "Women, Listen to Your Mothers"

11.24.09 - Wall Street Journal: "Abortion to Be New Flashpoint in Senate Bill"

11.23.09 - The Nation: "Round Two: The Coming Battle Over Abortion Funding"

11.23.09 - Ms. Magazine: "More Outrage Over Stupak-Pitts"

11.19.09 - Newsweek: "Stupak Like a Fox"

11.19.09 - Salon: "Welcome to abortion's middle ground"

11.19.09 - RH Reality Check: "A Federal Employee Expresses Outrage on Stupak"

11.18.09 - CBS News: "Dems Feel the Heat over Abortion"

11.18.09 - Los Angeles Times: "Stung by restrictions in healthcare bill, abortion rights supporters fight back"

11.18.09 - The Examiner: "Senate health care reform faces tough issues on short leash"

11.17.09 - National Partnership for Women &, Families: "Advocacy Groups Increase Efforts To Oppose Abortion Coverage Restrictions in Senate Health Reform Bill"

11.17.09 - Roll Call: "Abortion-Rights Groups Plan Rally"

11.16.09 - New York Times "A Stand-Up Approach to Abortion Rights"

11.16.09 - Washington Post: "Abortion-rights backers join health-care ad fray"

11.16.09 - NPR: "Abortion Ban In Federal Workers\' Insurance May Foreshadow Overhaul Outcome"

11.16.09 - Wall Street Journal: "WIRE WATCH: Obama in China, Senators Briefed on Fort Hood, Abortion Rights Groups Protest Health Care Bill, Palin on Oprah"

11.16.09 - CBS News: "Abortion Rights Groups Mobilize Against Stupak Amendment"

11.16.09 - MSNBC: "First Thoughts: The lights go out...Taking on the Stupak Amendment"

11.16.09 - MSNBC, Dr Nancy Show: "Health Care Fight"

11.16.09 - ABC: "Rogue Nation: A Chance for a Palin Makeover -- If She Wants It"

11.16.09 - PA Pundits: "HEALTH: New Ads Focus On Bill’s Cost, Abortion"

11.16.09 - Salon: "Stupak-Pitts is a bad joke"

11.16.09 - RH Reality Check: "It's No Joke: Center for Reproductive Rights Airs Ad On Stupak Amendment"

11.16.09 - Huffington Post: "WATCH: Abortion Battle Coming To Cable"

11.16.09 - USA Today: "Ad targets abortion provision in health care bill"

11.16.09 - Politico: "Report: House bill would hike health care costs -- Chamber plans a study -- Reid wants debate before Thanksgiving -- McConnell seeks a delay"

11.16.09 - NY Daily News: "The First Abortion Rights Health Care Ad"

11.16.09 - Talking Points: "Pro-Choice Group Targets Senate In New TV Ads"

11.16.09 - The Atlantic: "Abortion Activists Squaring Off Before Senate Health Bill"

11.16.09 - Feministe: "Abortion and Health Care"

11.16.09 - Progress Ohio: "Video: The Center for Reproductive Rights: It's No Joke"

11.16.09 - JWA Blog: "It's No Joke"

11.14.09 - Associated Press: "THE INFLUENCE GAME: Abortion rights\' scramble"

11.10.09 - San Francisco Chronicle: "Health care bill reignites abortion debate"

11.9.09 - Women's eNews: "Democrats\' Health Bill Victory Tramples Choice"

11.8.09 - New York Daily News: "The Abortion Issue: Big Problem"

11.8.09 - Boston Globe: "House passes sweeping health bill"

11.8.09 - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room: "Pro-lifers praise, pro-choicers condemn Stupak amendment"

11.7.09 - New York Times, Prescriptions Blog: "The Abortion Debate Flares Again"

11.4.09 - Salon, Broadsheet:"\'Do-or-die moment\' for abortion coverage"

11.3.09 - NPR: "Abortion Language Creates Snag For Health Bill"

9.30.09 - Slate Magazine: "Keep Your Subsidies off My Ovaries"

9.24.09 - The Nation: "Healthcare Reform--at the Price of Women's Health?"

9.14.09 - Politico: "Politics trumps policy in health debate"

9.11.09 - Jezebel: "Anti-Choicers Still Blocking Health-Care Reform Over Bogus \'Abortion Program\'"

9.11.09 - RH Reality Check: "Rights Group Calls Obama's Comments on Abortion in Health Reform "Lamentable\'"




3.23.10 - Debunking Myths on Funding Firewalls and Healthcare Reform

3.23.10 - What's Wrong with the Executive Order on Abortion Restrictions?

01.20.10 - Nelson Amendment Goes Far Beyond Current Law with New Restrictions on Abortion Services Coverage

01.14.10 - Healthcare Reform in Hyde Amendment's Shadow

12.15.09 - Senate Should Vote Down Casey Amendment on Conscience Clause and Oppose its Inclusion in Final Negotiated Heathcare Reform Bill

12.01.09 - The Stupak-Pitts Amendment Goes Far Beyond the Already-Punishing Restrictions in the Hyde Amendment

12.01.09 - Senate Should Maintain Fair and Balanced Conscience Clause Provisions on Abortion Services Coverage in Health Reform Bill

11.16.09 - Gillibrand, Maloney, Quinn, Gloria Steinem and Dozens of Women Leaders Join Together to Protest Anti-Choice Stupak Amendment in Health Reform Bill

11.15.09 - Why the Stupak-Pitts Abortion Ban Is An Unprecedented and Damaging Assault on Women’s Health

11.15.09 - Facts on Stupak-Pitts Amendment and the Threat to Women’s Health

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